I’m Sapana Adhikari, an ER doctor and a medical illustrator. Over the years, I’ve been collecting all the questions that patients ask (anatomy, diagnosis, etc.) I thought that if someone had a question, several others likely do as well. So, I started illustrating the answers to what patients actually ask. I tried to simplify them for the non-medical audience.

Every Tuesday, I’ll send you an illustrated post about “What Patients Ask.” Please share these posts with your friends and family. My goal is to educate the non-medical population about medical concepts simply and visually.

In addition, I’ll send an occasional post (once every 1-2 months) about things that inspire me: medical humanities, creativity, medical art, books. I’m also an oil painter in the genre of Narrative Medicine and will share occasional information on my art projects and processes.

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Sapana Adhikari, MD
Weekly simplified, illustrated posts to answer "What Patients Ask." Created and illustrated by an ER doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience. ,These posts will educate you about medical concepts simply and visually.